What is

Binusu is a product of The Bitcoin Trading and Exchange Company (BITRECO), a Ugandan company based at 6th Floor, Block B, Nakawa Business Park. Our goal is to provide access and information to local investors interested in understanding the global crytocurrency market and to encourage their participation in it.

We aim to make cryptocurrencies available to Ugandans in ordinary amounts via a simplistic platform. Users can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using cash via our agents, mobile wallets as well as bank transfers. Please note that we exact limits on the amounts of crypto and cash you can trade here because rather than enable institutional or large investors to access this service, our focus is on the larger Ugandan commmunity interested in cryptocurrency applications or those looking for smaller investment opportunities in this new and exciting industry.

So, download your wallet and get your piece of the action today. For more information, check us out at any of our social media links below. Click here to begin trading.