How to receive crypto payments

The crypto payments happen in Binusu Merchant Services (BMS). A business that wants to accept crypto payments needs to register and create an account with binusu under BMS.

Process of receiving payments by a merchant/business:

1. Create a binusu account. Complete company KYC

2. Get elevated to admin and get admin code.

3. Advertise that your business accepts crypto as payment.

4. A client expresses interest to make a payment using crypto for their bill.

5. An invoice is issued by the business. This invoice will indicate the amount in crypto (BTC, ETH, CELO, etc.) with an equivalent in ugx for the client.

6. It will have a QR code that the client can scan to make payment and the wallet address that the client may copy and paste in their wallet to send the crypto.

7. As soon as the crypto is received, the business will receive a notification that payment has been received and needs to dispatch goods or proceed to provide service being paid for.

8. Simultaneously the client will receive a receipt confirming that payment has been received.

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