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Binusu OTC Desk

At Binusu, we provide you with liquidity, when you need it at rates that make business sense to you, that is why we have made available for you an OTC desk that will allow you transact at the best rates. In a bid to give you a better crypto trading experience, we have well-trained agents and partners that are ready to serve you.

What is OTC trading?

OTC stands for Over The Counter, this means that trading is negotiated directly between the buyer and the seller without updating the public orderbook. With an OTC desk, one can transact large amounts and can negotiate the rates and payment options with the buyer.

Why trade with us?

1. Deep liquidity. Our OTC desk gives you access to deep liquidity to support your transaction needs. You can transaction between your local currency e.g., USD, UGX, KES, NGN among others with several crypto currencies.
2. Fast settlement. Because we leverage the blockchain technology to effect transfers, we guarantee you fast transactions so you can get the funds where you need them in the shortest time possible..
4. Simple process and direct transactions. In three simple steps, you can get started with us and start trading. The transactions are direct hence eliminating third parties to protect you from scams giving you privacy and an exclusive trading experience.
5. Reduced rates. Because you get a chance to negotiate the trading rates, you will have the best rate at the time of transacting.
To get started with OTC today, reach out to one of our agents on phone or through whatsapp on 0705972117